Cecil the Lion

Couldn’t have said it better, too much noise about an old useless lion, we have other old things we need to take care of!


First off, “experts” in Social Media have told me not to write about stuff like this, it’s too off topic and will diminish my subscribers. Second off…. I don’t care.

A dentist from Bloomington, Minnesota killed a lion in Zimbabwe and the world has taken notice. Apparently most of what the dentist did was completely legal. Some of what he did was not, he broke some laws. He should be punished commensurate with the laws that he broke.

This is not the first time the dentist has allegedly crossed the line into illegal hunting. I don?t know the guy but the guy sounds like a very unethical hunter. If I didn’t care about being called judgmental I might even describe the guy as a jerk.

Also apparently, the lion he killed was ?beloved.? He roamed ?free? for years at a national park. He was described as a gentle giant. He…

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Gaddafi death: NATO Misleading people

The heinous killing of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi by NATO forces in collaboration with the rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) comes with big lessons, not only for Africa’s remaining dictators, but for the African Union (AU) and the African community at large.
His demise should be a lesson to Africa’s remaining dictators, that when your people say they no longer want you, it is wiser to just vacate than to remain obdurate and stubborn, as this will result in preventable loss of lives, including the dictator’s life.Read More »